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Tugu Muda is a historical building from the city of Semarang, Central Java province.
Historically inaugurated by President Soekarno on 20 May 1953 to commemorate the battle 5 days 5 nights between the youth of Semarang with a Japanese battalion led by Major Kido on a date 14 to 19 October 1945. History says when the Japanese forces that drove the Dutch took over the Indonesian territory on the pretext of the elder brother of Asia. But the Japanese were even worse than the Dutch, they killed more cruel to the inhabitants who did not obey his orders. 

When the Japanese troops who repelled from the central Java region, and build a base camp in Semarang. Japan also took over the "Lawang Sewu" buildings built by the Dutch who first used for the Dutch office. Semarang fighters tried to the death to repel the Japanese invaders. Many of the fighters killed in battle, precisely in front of "Lawang Sewu". They were imprisoned underground, beheaded, murdered brutally. 

Japan initially tried to poison all the residents of Semarang by water in the taps. But thanks to foul intentions dr.Kariyadi who know the Japanese finally succeeded in abort and notify all residents not to drink the water from these taps. The youths in Semarang immediately launched a war action, when it's war lasted for 5 days 5 nights. Japan knows it and kill dr.Kariyadi. The battle was eventually won by fighters Semarang, and succeeded in repelling the Japanese until the area Ambarawa.
Now TuguMuda has stood firm like the spirit of the citizens of Semarang. Not only that, Disampign TuguMuda built garden and small pond to make it look more beautiful. Every holiday, many people and the Turist visit to enjoy the city of Semarang. History of other buildings around TuguMuda is Lawang Sewu, Museum Mandala Bakti and Pensions Peace. All that is steps from the government and society to commemorate the services of the heroes. 

TuguMuda ancient

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